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If we're going to be honest here, going from "boardroom to the bar" or "desk to date" isn't an everyday scenario for most of us. But when we do have those days that require us to switch our look, we don't want to be bothered packing a whole new outfit. More importantly, who can spare an hour to change their ensemble after work and still make it to their date night on time?

The smartest thing for you to do is pick a nice outfit that can work in the office but won't look out of place or too stuffy for a relaxing night out. Versatility is the key to this game. When you already have your pick, all you have to do is swap some style details and you're all set. Ahead, some tips on how you can make the switch from day to night dressing with minimal effort. 

Choose the LBD

ALAÏA Studded stretch-knit dress, USD3,270 (net-a-porter.com)

You knew this one was coming. It may be stating the obvious but the little black dress is too important not to include in this list. With that said, not all LBDs are suited for day-to-night looks. It all boils down to the cut and design. Your best bet is a midi A-line dress with a sophisticated Sabrina neckline. It's a great canvas for accessorising so you can swap the vibe from professional to party-ready.

Go monochromatic

MARYLING Pinstripe Tunic with Eyelet Detail Lace Fastening, SGD765/~USD564.01; MARYLING Pinstripe Wide Leg Trousers, SGD590/~USD434.99

If you identify more as 'pants person', find an LBD equivalent in a monochrome ensemble. Spice up your look by experimenting with various silhouettes. Instead of your usual shirt and slacks combo, try a tunic and wide leg trousers look that is still in the realm of power dressing but can turn into a girls' night-out outfit with the right shoe and accessories. 

Add a glam outerwear

BALMAIN Double-breasted denim blazer, USD2,095 (net-a-porter.com)

Sometimes all it takes is one clothing piece to transform your look. More often than not, it's the outerwear that does the trick. Add a glam blazer or jacket to your workwear to alter the overall mood of your outfit. Pick something eye-catching yet sleek so you can easily pair it with any outfit. 

Pick a neutral, versatile pair of shoes

Shoes from Valentino Fall/Winter 2018, Price unavailable

Don't forget to take note of your footwear. We often disregard our choice of shoes when switching from a day to night look but doing so may ruin the harmony of your ensemble. Wearing something too corporate-like such as court shoes or Mary-Janes may not go well with your glam outfit for the night. On the other hand, wearing something too elaborate for the workplace will guarantee a meeting with a human resource personnel. So in this case, a happy compromise would be a neutral, versatile pair of shoes that has all the functionality and style you need for the work up to the after-party.

Accessorise wisely

Pandora High Summer Spiritual Feathers Earrings, SGD89/~USD65.62; Dolce & Gabbana Devotion bag, Price unavailable

A no-brainer hack when it comes to preparing for a night look is to wear a pair of scene-stealing earrings. However, if you're a busy gal, there will be a good chance that you'll forget to switch or worse you may misplace your precious earrings during the day. So an alternative would be to wear a pair of chic yet subtle dangling earrings with a unique design. It will work for power and party dressing all the same.

Instead of swapping jewellery, change your purse instead. You don't need to lug around your big, working bag to your date or party so just leave your big bag secured in your office locker or drawer and just bring the essentials in your party purse.