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There's only one rule about holiday dressing and that's to kick things up a notch. It's a given that no one wants to look like a Christmas tree, but you also don't want to look drab in contrast to the festive surroundings. Now, it doesn't mean that you need to wear extravagant designs; there are various holiday party pieces that even sworn minimalists would love. It's all about adding a little sparkle to your look! From LBDs with a twist to velvet dresses, here are some of our fab fashion picks for the holidays.

LBDs with a twist

Two black dresses

REDValentino Fall/Winter 18-19 Pre Collection, Price unavailable

A modified version of the classic LBD is just the right pick for those who love sporting black ensembles. Added elements like hints of colour, bell sleeves and sheer fabrics make it more interesting than your usual A-line black dress. Make your ensemble more festive by wearing a pair of statement earrings and classy stilettos. It's an elegant, no-fuss holiday look that's perfect for busy gals who want to look polished for the after-work holiday party in a jiffy.

Casual chic

Denim skirt with frayed ribbon detailing

MARYLING denim skirt with frayed ribbon detailing, SGD545/~USD397.71

Unless there's a specific dress code or theme indicated in the invitation of the holiday party you're going to, you can opt to stand out by going the casual chic route. Make no mistake, wearing something casual doesn't translate to showing up in your usual tee and denim outfit. It just means putting together a fun and presentable party outfit using casual pieces instead of extravagant ones. This is a good opportunity to showcase your creativity, so go ahead and experiment. Here's one outfit idea: take a playful mini skirt with cheery details and pair it with a blazer and blouse. Make sure that the colour palette is coordinated so it will still look sleek and chic.

Colour blocking

A red jumpsuit and a pink draping dress

Peggy Hartanto Papyrus jumpsuit, SGD639/~USD466.30; Vleeda Draping Dress in Pink and Yellow, SGD489/~USD356.84 (

We get it, colour blocking or wearing bright colours for that matter is a bit daunting. There are many things that could go wrong, colour choices could clash with your skin tone or you could look too outlandish and so on. But the good news is, it doesn't have to be this way. Start by picking two complementary colours to work with, then keep other accessories on the neutral side. If you've been wanting to incorporate colours into your wardrobe but you're not sure when to start, the holiday season is the perfect timing to give it a go.

Glitter gaming

Glittery outfits

Dolce&Gabbana Women's Fall-Winter 18-19, Price unavailable

You can't get any more festive than donning glittering outfits. But just like wearing bright colours, glitter ensembles must be styled with caution or else you'll risk looking like you're part of the party decor. The safest way to go about it is to wear only one glitter-adorned piece and let it be the centre of your look. For example, you can wear a glittered cami top with slacks or pair a glittered skirt with a nice, neutral blouse. Don't be afraid to make this bold move because it's literally your time to shine!

Velvet dresses

A midnight blue velvet dress and a burgundy velvet dress

MARYLING Midnight Blue Velvet Dress, SGD740/~USD540.01; MARYLING Open Shoulder Burgundy Velvet Dress, SGD920/~USD671.36

If you prefer something more subtle than glitter outfits, then velvet dresses may tickle your fancy. It's still very fitting for the holidays but it's not as ostentatious. Keep things elegant by choosing cool or jewel-toned velvet dresses. Then, pump up your look with statement accessories, sophisticated shoes and bold makeup.