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Trends come and go, they say. While that's true, we can't deny the fact that aside from the hype surrounding certain styles, there's a science that goes behind the rise of a trend. "[They're] relevant to consumer lifestyle," Jessica Tang, a consultant at World Global Style Network, told us during our chat at the media preview for MICAM Milano, the world's biggest international footwear tradeshow featuring a wide array of designs for buyers, whose 86th edition will commence on 16 to 19 September in Fiera Milano. "Social media and influencers are definitely catalysts for trendy items as well," Tang added.

People these days, Tang also mentioned, are no longer tied to just one role. Many of us are multi-hyphenated in our fields, on top of our roles in our personal lives. The good thing, she said, is "fashion is not sticking to the stereotypical image of women." Despite leading busy lifestyles, women are empowered, creative and active, but still not averse to comfort.

Jessica Tang, a consultant at World Global Style Network

So what are the trends, inspired by your lifestyle, you should look out for? Tang says it's divided into three big ones: Common Ground, where you reconnect with the past couple of decades and emulate a bohemian-like style with the help of a warm palette; Creative Manifesto, a movement for championing one's creativity and individuality through a combination of bold and neutral hues; and In-Touch, inspired by meditation and things that promote a positive vibe such as shimmery watered effects and warm hues.