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Nothing spells fancy dining better than a good bottle of wine. It completes an experience like no other, preparing and complementing the palate. And while the availability of wine has become much more accessible nowadays, whether it be at your local grocer or a new gastropub, nothing compares to great and fine wine. So if you're looking to indulge in the finer things in life with wine, keep on scrolling to see which wineries in the region should you visit. 

GranMonte Asoke Vineyard (Thailand)


Directly translates to "big mountain," this vineyard in Khao Yai captures both the perfect landform and climate to ensure fine and fresh estate-grown produce. But another appeal of the place is their innovative winemaking techniques tailor-made to suit the conditions of Thailand's soil and atmospheric conditions. Dubbed "the best fruit of Thai soil, bottled", be treated to excellent wine grapes that have earned the praise of many wine connoisseurs, all homegrown and refined in GranMonte's own vineyard.

Aythaya Vineyard (Myanmar)


A taste of West that's much more accessible to us on this side of the world? This vineyard from Myanmar is your answer! They champion a variety of reds, whites, and rosé wines that come from German, Spanish, French, and Italian grapes, carefully imported and made better through years of research to fit the tropical environment. 

Hatten Wines (Indonesia)


Established in 1994, Hatten Wines is one of the very few wineries in this region that went on and challenged the supposed patterns of winemaking. This proudly Balinese establishment has wowed connoisseurs and simple wine lovers alike with their crisp and smooth wine selections of the classiest and most premium quality despite the harsh challenges presented by winemaking in a tropical country.  

Napoleon Food and Wine Bar (Singapore)


If you don't have the luxury to go to wineries and vineyards, this bar in Singapore offers a delectable experience of pairing your choice of red, white or rosé with their amazing French cuisine offerings. With over 32 French wines to choose from, indulge in their wine concept that will surely satisfy your fine dining fix even when you're at the heart of the city.

Premium Wine Exchange (Philippines)


Commonly known as PWX, the boutique is the go-to establishment for many exclusive clients and fine dining restaurants in the country when it comes to wine selections. Ranging from "everyday" wines that suit every occasion or satisfy casual drinking to finely aged and top class bottles that are rare and of premium calibre, they even have private cellars that will definitely awaken the connoisseur in you.