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More and more brands are revamping their brick-and-mortar shops to provide customers with a better shopping experience. Stores are not anymore just a place for people to buy merchandise; now, it's become a space where customers can experience and interact with your brand. Some are utilising new technology such as augmented reality, but Italian luxury fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana is going a different route and staging their very own retail revolution where emotion, dialogue and diversity come together in spaces that are not just shops but also cultural destinations in their own right. Keep reading to know more about Dolce & Gabbana's unique boutiques and how their signature style blends with the local culture. 


Situated at one of the most prestigious 19th-century aristocratic palazzos of Milan, Dolce & Gabbana's store at the country's fashion capital revolves around two elements: green marble and briar-wood. Adopting to the city's penchant for grandeur, this space is designed to blend the romantic baroque style with the elegant simplicity of modernism. It's the perfect background for appreciating the luxury brand's sophisticated garments and accessories on display. 


For their boutique in Tokyo, designer Gwenael Nicolas was asked to showcase Dolce & Gabbana's creative soul and their Sicilian roots. He was able to accomplish this through the use of chiaroscuro, a technique where light and dark are dramatically contrasted. The result is an architectural design and décor that expresses Sicily’s distinctive and vibrant luminosity. 


Located at the famed Old Bond Street, Dolce & Gabbana's boutique in London is a poetic composition written in each of its six floors. From its elegant marble flooring to its 17th-century chairs, this space is truly a one-of-a-kind aesthetic journey. As you move up, the setting becomes more intimate, transforming into an exclusive space for special customers, reserved for the sublime creations in the Alta Moda, Alta Sartoria and Alta Gioielleria.


The Dolce & Gabbana Miami boutique pays homage to the Teatro alla Scala in Milan. A variety of elements help visitors to imagine the space as a real theatre stage. First is the glass facade that spans both floors, then there's the detailed furnishing like the baroque mirrors, counters and walnut furniture embellished with polished steel or gold velvet. Lastly, Italian-crafted classical sculptures and busts are illuminated by spotlights, recalling theatre actors playing their parts on stage. 

New York

New York will always be the ultimate haven for street style and sartorial fashion, and it's definitely reflected in Dolce & Gabbana's first-ever downtown shop in NYC. Noticeably different from their other boutiques, this place is given a youthful vibe with its graffiti art, eccentric lighting and freestanding furniture. 


There are two words to describe the Venice boutique of Dolce & Gabbana: beautiful and lavish. The entrance's design is a celebration of Venetian mercantile craftsmanship. And inside, you will see floors paved with multi-coloured inlays of ancient marble, while the walls are adorned with wooden bas-reliefs. Each room has a different character but all will provide you with a luxurious shopping experience like no other.