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There's no denying that logomania is back in vogue. For months now, fashionistas have been rocking this trend in various ways ranging from the usual monogrammed bag to wacky styles like sporting head-to-toe logo prints. Although logomania is usually associated with maximalists, there's one style that everyone — even minimalists — would love to wear and that's the logo buckle belt. With the right styling, it can look elegant and chic. Keep reading to know how you can sport this style without looking tacky.

With a blazer


Accessories go a long way in spicing up any ensemble, even those that you wear to the workplace. Update your office outfits by simply adding a logo buckle belt. You can cinch an oversized blazer together using the belt or if you're wearing a well-fitted blazer you can just put it as usual in your pants. Either way, you'll look extremely chic. 

With a dress


Statement belts are not just for pants, they can also work nicely with flowy dresses. Pay attention to the colour contrast between the belt and the dress. Remember that combinations of complementary shades are often foolproof choices especially for tricky styling situations so it's best to stick with this guideline if you're unsure. 

With tee and denim


Want to elevate a tee and denim look from casual to dressy? A logo buckle belt is all that's needed to make a difference. Go with a monochrome palette to achieve that sleek and sophisticated aura. You can also make your outfit look more polished by wearing heels and carrying a structured bag.

With a coat or long-sleeved cardigan


Since the breeze is becoming cooler these days, you may want to try this particular look. Pair a comfy, lightweight coat or a long cardigan with your usual tee and denim outfit and glam it up with a logo buckle belt. If the day's weather permits, you can complete your autumn look with some cute boots.

Do the front tuck


Showcase your logo buckle belt and elongate your silhouette by doing the front tuck. This waist-defining styling trick is particularly helpful for petite ladies who are worried about looking frumpy when wearing big, statement belts. To do a crisp front tuck, you need to fold the hemline of your top twice and then neatly tuck the front portion only. Then, just let the rest of the parts fall freely.