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It's officially holiday party season and you know what that means: everything gets levelled up. Low-key style goes out the window because it's the time of the year where all the holiday bling must be brought out and worn. So don't be left out and make sure you bring your best festive outfit forward by adding these accessories to the mix. 

Showstopping sunnies

Gentle Monster x Yoyokulala, SGD368 /~USD269

Amp up your holiday style by sporting a showstopping pair of eccentric sunnies. This pick from Gentle Monster showcases unique teardrop-shaped specs in full holiday-red that will truly add some spice to your festive look. 

A glimmering timepiece

Swatch Glam, price unavailable

For our practical ladies who love their bling to be both stylish and functional, what better way to go than a beautiful timepiece? Take a cue from Swatch's Glam Collection that mixes haute couture vibes with a trusty day-to-day accessory and bring a whole new level of glimmer — and fun — to how you wear your watch this holiday season. 

An elegant earpiece

APM Monaco Mono Silver Mandala Earring, SGD212/~USD161

Whether you're going to more formal gatherings for the holidays or you just want to bring your own level of shine to the table, this gorgeously crafted piece from APM Monaco will deliver the impact you want. From its edgy one-side style to the intricate crystals that cover the earpiece, you'll surely leave a tantalising impression to everyone who will see you donning it. 

A statement ring

Pandora Winter '18 Luminous Ice Ring, SGD159/~USD117

Looking for a piece that will shine while being versatile? This beautiful ring from Pandora's Winter '18 collection makes the perfect accessory for all your holiday plans and ventures as it can be used in both casual and formal affairs. From its rose gold band to its classic baguette cut crystals, it is neither overpowering nor underwhelming, making it a foolproof accessory to match whatever ensemble you have in mind.  

A simple touch of sparkle

Paul Hewitt PHREP IP Rose Gold Black, SGD79.90/~USD59

Want to get your bling on but don't want it to be too 'out there'? This simple yet stunning arm candy from Paul Hewitt delivers a hint of both subtle edginess and elegance with its mix of elements. The rose gold anchor clamp and the black band makes for the perfect barely-there accessory without losing an alluring charm.