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Back in 2015, we chanced upon the eponymous restaurant of celebrity Chef Akira Back at the penthouse of MD Place in Jakarta. Smitten by it, we were excited when it opened in the Lion City.


Back was a former professional snowboarder turned chef, famed for reinventing the traditional Japanese cuisine playbook; melding flavours from different cultures while paying homage to his American roots and Korean heritage. He debuted the Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant at Bellagio Casino & Resort and was named “Best Chef In Las Vegas” by Las Vegas Weekly before earning one Michelin-star at his DOSA restaurant in South Korea. 

A restaurant filled with modern cozy furniture.

Located in the heart of JW Marriott in South Beach, the spacious Singapore outlet features a whimsical design touting a harmonious combination of wood, stone, marble and leather amidst a backdrop of vivid colours complemented by vibrant paintings created by Back’s mother.


We were treated to an experiential tasting of an all-new Signature Flavours menu that showcased Chef Back’s bold and exploratory culinary style that titillated our sense of taste, smell and sight. Take the Hirame Carpaccio (SGD27) – the fresh and sweet flounder of this iconic sashimi dish was totally transformed by the juxtaposed flavours from the sweet nanbanzu vinegar, shallots, and jalapeno peppers. 

striploin served with nashi pear and sesame soy, topped with a quail egg yolk and seaweed caviar.

Yukhoe, SGD45

The classic Korean dish of Yukhoe was rendered a playful interpretation with Tajima wagyu striploin served with nashi pear and sesame soy, topped with a quail egg yolk and seaweed caviar. Diners are invited to mix the ingredients according to their palates.

A twist on the Japanese agedashi tofu, the Crispy Tofu seduced with crispy yet chewy bean curd cubes tossed in Korean red pepper paste that delivered a savoury kick followed by a tangy burst of lime.

On the left is a bowl of crispy tofu opped with lime slices; on the right are strips of grilled Alaskan king crab with green pepper slices.

Left: Crispy Tofu, SGD25; Right: Grilled Alaskan King Crab, SGD42

Another seafood dish that delighted was the Grilled Alaskan King Crab, serving up an explosion of flavour from the Tobiko-laced ‘dynamite’ sauce that added another dimension to the sweetness of the crustacean. The sweet ending came in the form of Beehive (SGD18) that surprised with fresh mango cream and lime sorbet when we cracked open a beautifully plated Meringue.


The kitchen is ably helmed by Chef De Cuisine Tomoyuki Kiga who’s Japanese but raised in Jakarta; Korean Sous Chef Hyungmin Bae; and local Pastry Chef Koh Su Pei.

Tuna Pizza

Akira Back is well worth the splurge — and don't miss the innocent-sounding Tuna Pizza that packed a punch with its thinly sliced tuna layered with earthy truffle oil and umami aioli on a hand-made tortilla base. It will boggle your senses with contrasting aromas, flavours and textures that sum up the bold innovation that’s Chef Back.

Akira Back is located at JW Marriott in South Beach, Singapore