There's no denying the effect of technology on beauty. With the help of machines and other advancements, the beauty industry continues to come out with innovative products. From clear lip liners to peel-off base coats for nail polish, the beauty world is filled with products that leave us in awe. A new addition to the many wonders of the marriage of tech and beauty is the CHANEL Le Volume Revolution mascara.

After years of testing starting 2001, the people at CHANEL have finally achieved their goal to use 3D printing for their products, and thus, the first 3D-printed mascara brush available in the mainstream market has arrived.

But what makes it different from other brushes? First, it has an original shape that was created to uniformly distribute the mascara formula to the eyelashes for extra volume minus clumping. The surface of the brush also has a unique texture that helps the product adhere to the lashes more. There are also micro-cavities in the brush to ensure that the right amount of product is delivered and minimise the need to dip again in the tube in between applications. 

A release date for the CHANEL Le Volume Revolution mascara has not been set, but our eyes are already peeled for this innovative product.