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It's safe to say that Disney is part of almost everyone's childhood and to some extent, even adolescence. Back then, we may have fancied ourselves as a Mulan or Belle, and had them as role models. Maybe we also had a certain affinity to loving characters like Woody from Toy Story or Simba from The Lion King. And as adults, we can't help but be drawn to product launches — especially if it's related to fashion — that appeal to our nostalgia and makes us remember the fond memories of our childhood. Ahead, some of the most interesting and memorable fashion collabs by Disney.

Disney x Coach: A Dark Fairy Tale

In their latest collaboration, the classic Disney Princess tales were reimagined and was given a dark yet still romantic twist. This collection explores unexpected edgy motifs from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Sleeping Beauty like dark castles, poisoned apples and wide-eyed woodland creatures. For those of you who are living in Singapore, this collab will be launched on 18 May. If you want to get the first dibs, head over to the Disney x Coach: A Dark Fairy Tale pop-up at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands today, two days before the official launch. You can also check their previous collab with Disney featuring Minnie Mouse, here

PANDORA Disney Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

Just released last April, Pandora's collab with Disney is inspired by the original sketchbook art from the 1930s. All pieces in this collection are hand-finished sterling silver with charming details and ready-to-play shapes. It's a seamless blending of cuteness and sophistication. 

Gucci Donald Duck Capsule Collection


Back in Spring 2017, Gucci surprised everyone with the release of a Donald Duck capsule collection featuring shirts, hoodies, sweaters and footwear. The colour palette was as playful as the beloved cartoon character of our childhood. Although eye-catching, the vibrant designs can still work well with other pieces from our wardrobe.

Swarovski Disney Collection - Beauty and the Beast

There's no contest that Belle is one of the most popular and beloved Disney princesses. Every fan of Belle would be delighted with this collab by Disney and Swarovski. Most are lifestyle pieces and home decor items like pens and figurines enacting scenes from the popular fairy tale. However, what caught our attention is this enchanted rose necklace. The crystal is the centrepiece, in the form of a beautifully faceted Rose, bringing exceptional sparkle and light refraction. We know you're already in love.

Kenzo's Disney Jungle Book Collection


In the Spring of 2016, Disney released a live-action remake of The Jungle Book. And as a celebration, Kenzo launched a collab with Disney featuring pieces that are inspired by the fantasy adventure story. The result was a unique collection that's striking, refreshing and whimsical in the best way possible.