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The holidays are almost here, and we're sure you already have a line-up of parties and gatherings to attend. It's totally acceptable to indulge in good food and great company, but we also suggest you balance all the binging with a side of healthy eating. Don't know where to start? Head to these cafes that offer wellness-inspired culinary treats.



Driven by the adage, "Eat Well, Be Well," Cedele Singapore offers food that is not only palatable but also nourishing for the body. They believe that what you eat affects your entire well-being and so they create meals that are made with organic ingredients. If you're looking for something filling but also still light, go for their plant-based sandwiches that not only pack on size but also on taste.

You can find Cedele at various locations in Singapore, including Raffles City and Robinson Road.

The Wholesome Table


Indulge minus the guilt at The Wholesome Table, whose motto is "Eat Consciously. Live Consciously." The food they serve have ingredients that are from organic sources only. Plus, they also don't use high fructose syrup for their drinks and trans fat in their meal offerings. So go ahead and eat to your heart's content with their variety of vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free or dairy-free food.

The Wholesome Table can be found in Alabang, BGC and Makati in the Philippines.



Hankering for some Mexican food after a night of drinking? Well, you can now go for the healthy variety at Sala. Enjoy a soft taco, a burrito and a bowl of soup without feeling like you're punishing yourself with so much food; they're light and healthy. 

Sala is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



Getting an afterglow after a satisfying activity is what we're all about. And that's also what Afterglow wants you to get after treating yourself to their meals. Serving up organic, vegan and raw meals is what this cafe is known for. But don't think for one second that their offerings are not heavy on the taste because they're plant-based. 

Afterglow is located at Keong Saik Road, Singapore.

Happy Garden Cafe


Amidst the hustle and bustle in the city is a haven for people who want healthy food. Head to Happy Garden Cafe for a selection of gluten-free, farm-to-table food that aim not only to satisfy your hunger but, well, to make you leave the place happy. 

Happy Garden Cafe is located in Makati, Philippines.

Ours Eatery


Inspired by the idea of "Honestly Healthy," Ours Eatery is focused on serving wholesome, healthy food that's freshly prepared without any additives. They transform conventional dishes into a healthier variety, so don't restrict yourself and go right ahead in enjoying their take on favourites including guilt-free brownies and skinny beef rendang.

Ours Eatery is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.