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Snagging an Hermès bag — be it a Kelly, Birkin or even a Bolide — has always been a prestige, not only because it's meticulously made but because of its exclusivity. It's even said that buying one is a better investment than stocks because the value would surely appreciate over time. You may have already heard stories of how people would be put on the waiting list for years. Some would willingly travel to other countries just so they can finally get their hands on these covetable bags.

Florence Low, founder of LuxLexicon

Well, if you're in Singapore then you're in luck. LuxLexicon, the largest and most reputable Hermès purveyor in the country — and possibly in the region — has opened their flagship store in Centrepoint Orchard last month. To get to know more about the behind-the-scenes, we had a chat with founder and entrepreneur Florence Low. 

What sparked your interest in Hermes bags?

I was intrigued by how the quest to own an Hermès handbag can take years to fulfil, and how something as simple as buying a handbag from a store can spark active discussions not only on online discussion boards like the PurseForum but also amongst my friends and people around me. I was, at the same time, deeply attracted by the timeless looks of the Hermès Birkin and Kelly handbags and amazed by how these iconic designs withstood the test of time and continue to remain relevant and fashionable season after season.

What made you decide to focus on just Hermès? Why not other brands?

It was tempting to want to cover the A to Z of designer brands when we first started out and expand our product offerings to appeal to a wider audience but we knew from the onset we needed to stay focused and be a brand specialist to allow for better resource allocation, especially for a start-up like ours.

What were the challenges of putting up this kind of business?

Two major challenges stood out for a luxury consignment business like LuxLexicon: our ability to secure premium luxury consignments and assuring buyers of our products’ authenticity. We are fortunate that consignors came to trust LuxLexicon sufficiently to leave their prized Hermès handbags averaging SGD15,000 each (the most expensive being an SGD120,000 handbag) in our hands. It speaks volumes of their trust and faith in our speed to market, sell and pay. And we have never failed them. To put our buyer’s mind at ease, we are putting our money where our mouth is and remain the only Hermès re-seller store in Singapore to offer a money back guarantee on authenticity.

What's the most memorable selling incident or experience you've encountered?

We always look forward to playing a part in creating memories and have been tremendously privileged to witness the joy we bring to many happy faces. One particularly memorable incident stood out. A male client came by to purchase a handbag to propose to his then-girlfriend. He returned to stage another surprise the following year. This time, he purchased a second bag as a push present to welcome the arrival of a newborn. It gives us immense joy to play a part in such important milestones in our clients' lives.

Where do you see your business in the next five years?

We may see ourselves expanding into other brands or related product categories like fine jewellery or timepieces. Or have an e-commerce website. We are not in a hurry to grow. The right opportunities and partners have to come along before we decide what to do next.

If you weren't in the industry you are in now, what would you be doing?

I would probably be a stay-at-home mom to my two kids aged 11 and 10. I wasn’t thinking of doing anything after I sold the two businesses I co-founded with my husband until the idea to start LuxLexicon came along.

What's the most valuable lesson you've learned as an entrepreneur?

To have grit. You need to have the resilience, tenacity and grit to keep working towards what you set out to achieve. And don’t be afraid to take risks.