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New years always remind us of setting our fitness and wellness goals. Whether you've fulfilled the ones from 2018 and ready to commit to new ones or are still on the verge of making that circa 2016 promise finally come true, treat the new year as an opportunity. Reaching goals is always made a bit easier by aides and guides. With most everything being technologically mediated nowadays, help us lay down some wellness gadgets that will help you get your fitness goals rolling for 2019.

Fitbit Charge 3

PHP11,770/~USD224 (

Our pick from their myriad of fitness bands is the Charge 3, which offers amazing features such as a 15-Goal Based Exercise tracking stats feature, an Automatic Exercise Recognition function, a Female Health Tracking feature for periods and fertility windows (perfect for us, active ladies), and a lot more. It's also Swimproof, which is perfect for those who love to get their fitness fix in the water.

Apple Watch series 4

PHP24,990/~USD475 (

Getting fit is more fun with friends and the Apple Watch series 4 helps you enjoy just that. Aside from Automatic Workout Recognition functions and a trusty notification and app dashboard, this lovely trinket also allows you to share your activity with friends and even set achievement awards when you succeed following a monthly challenge. 

Withings Wi-Fi Smart Scale 

USD149.95 (

People are often fixated with the idea that the numbers on the scale are the only things that determine one's 'healthiness level' but that's a long-standing myth. So why not opt for a scale like this from Withings that not only tells you how you weigh but also gives you a BMI analysis, fat and water percentage, muscle and bone mass, and more for a more accurate method of determining where you stand health-wise? It also has a pregnancy mode for expecting ladies out there. 

Jabra Sport Coach Earbuds

USD119.99 (

We all know that fitness sessions are no fun without music. So make sure you put some earbuds on that can get you groovin' to your choice of beats but still keep up with your fitness activities. This pick from Jabra is more than just a music jamming buddy. With its built-in TrackFit motion sensor that you can connect to their mobile app, you get to count your reps and track your movements. It also features an ear-in coach that can help guide you as you go!

Skulpt Scanner

USD99 (

Looking to really up your game and build some muscle? Give your muscles a tap, get analysed, and get the best advice with the help of the Skulpt Scanner and its mobile app. Backed by science, this gadget gives you a deeper and more up-close insight on your overall muscle strength and quality and gives you advice on the best ways to tone and build them. It's just like your body is directly telling you how to make it better.