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The closest thing we have to time travel are museums. Walking through the hallways of a history museum and seeing artefacts from the past give us a clue on how people used to live. On the other hand, technology and science galleries showcase what the future may look like. And of course, there are those specialised museums like art exhibits that transport us to a whole new world. Fascinated? Here are five interesting museums in Southeast Asia that you shouldn't miss.

Peranakan Museum

Located at Armenian street in Singapore, the Peranakan museum is one of the first museums dedicated to exploring the Peranakan culture. As descendants of Chinese immigrants who came to British Malaya during the past centuries, they have a set of distinct customs which, over time, blended with the local lifestyle. The result is an interesting culture that's unique to the Peranakan Chinese. At the museum, you'll be able to learn facets of their tradition like the elaborate 12-day weddings, beadworks and many more.

Royal Regalia Museum

The Royal Regalia Museum of Brunei gives a glimpse of what life is like for the ruling royal family of Brunei Darussalam. It features the ceremonial artefacts, costumes, gifts from other heads of states and many more. A particular area of the interest is at the main hall where a huge chariot used by the Sultan during parades is on display. You can also learn more about the lineage of the royal family in this unusual but spectacular museum.

National Museum of the Philippines Complex

Home to various notable artworks and significant archaeological artefacts, the National Museum of the Philippines is one you shouldn't miss. The complex houses four major museums in the country: Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Anthropology, Museum of Natural History and the National Planetarium. At these museums, you'll see items dating back from the country's prehistoric times and Spanish colonial era. 

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

As the largest museum of Islamic Arts in the region, the Islamic Arts Museum in Kuala Lumpur boasts stunning galleries full of artworks, textiles, ceramics and jewellery collections. Fans of architecture will be fascinated with the miniature dioramas of the world's famous mosques. Going here is very convenient as it's located in a popular tourist area. 

Bangkok National Museum

After visiting the Grand Palace, head over to the Bangkok National Museum which showcases art pieces and note-worthy artefacts of the Thai Kingdom. Inside you'll see the extensive olden collections including the precious King Ram Khamhaeng inscription which is said to be one of the first evidence of the Thai inscription. Other historical items that you'll see are royal emblems, traditional garments, weaponry, musical instruments and old transportation devices.