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Don't you wish you could just easily jet off to the perfect travel destination every time things get intense and stressful? Well, the world may not be that ideal, but it doesn't mean you should write off your travel plans completely. Travelling requires a lot of thought, planning and saving up — not to mention gathering the motivation to reward yourself for a lot of hustling on the daily — so don't feel bad for wanting a luxurious vacation.

Still, with a lot of your savings being poured into your desired getaway, you would want something that satisfies not just that travel bug but also all of your other fixes. You'd want an experience that hits the right spot, whether you're in it for the adventure, the food, the shopping — you name it. Ahead, we round up the perfect travel destinations depending on your travel goals. 

For the adventurer: Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe, California

Ever watched those American TV shows and movies and wondered where the rich go whenever they mention ski trips? They're talking about Lake Tahoe in California. Home to many luxury hotels and resorts, skiing is just one of the many things you can enjoy in this destination. If you don't enjoy the cold and prefer to set your visit during summer, adventure sports like kayaking, paddleboarding and more can be tried out at its beaches. You can also enjoy cruises, gondola rides, hiking and waterfall hopping in this location considering its abundance in nature and sceneries, making it the ultimate wonderland for adventure-seekers. 

For the fashionista: Manhattan, New York

Manhattan, New York

Whether or not you're a fan of the news that Gossip Girl is getting a reboot, you can't deny that your dreams of hitting the streets of Manhattan's Upper East Side have been reignited. Aside from shopping at the Kate Spade Flagship store, Barney's and maybe even the gorgeous Hèrmes boutique in the area, you can also have your fill of art and history by visiting The Met or the Guggenheim Museum. Everything about this destination is also Insta-worthy, making it a great location for fashion-hunting and OOTD-posting.

For the ultimate foodie: Osaka, Japan

Osaka, Japan

Known as 'the nation's kitchen', Osaka boasts a lot of Japan's most scrumptious delicacies spanning from street foods, casual dining and of course, even luxury eating experiences. An array of restaurants and stalls in the Namba area offer Kobe and Wagyu beef that you can either enjoy in a chill, teppanyaki-style dining set-up or take to-go as you explore the streets of this colourful district. If you want to step up your experience, places like the Imperial Hotel or Atout Dojima offer fine dining complete with an elegant ambience featuring Japanese cuisines, delicacies and courses with prices starting at JPY13,500. You wouldn't want to dine differently after this experience, for sure.

For the city-life escapist: Seychelles, East Africa

Seychelles, East Africa

We often travel to get away from the hectic lifestyle we lead in the city. So if you're really dedicated to escaping it all, even just for a little while, a trip to Seychelles will definitely do the trick for you. An archipelago made of 115 islands situated in the Indian Ocean, it's ideal for anyone who simply wants to bask in the calm and serenity provided by nature. With its beaches outlined with paradise-like flora and fauna, many travellers claim that the best way to maximise your trip is to book a cruise to visit the archipelago's four main regions. Crystal Cruises' Espirit tour is highly rated amongst many visitors so you should definitely add it to your must-check-out list.

For the soul-searcher: Bahia, Brazil

Bahia, Brazil

Travelling is a great way to re-centre yourself and see your life in another perspective. This is because it allows you to momentarily detach yourself from your current situation in order to reinvigorate your sense of discovery and truth-seeking. Thankfully, we have just the spot for you, dear soul-searcher: Bahia in Brazil. Unlike tourist-ridden and party-filled Rio, Bahia provides equal options for both serene and exhilarating experiences.

Head to Chapada Diamantina for backpacking or Praia do Forte for a nice swim with the sea turtles to have your fair share of peace of mind and body. Then when you're ready to gear up for civilisation again, just take a trip to its capital, Salvador, and experience rich and vivid Afro-Brazilian culture mediated with samba and axé music. Of course, add good food to fill your tummy. We're sure that after this enriching trip, you're ready to face your reality with a stronger mindset and a happier heart.