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Even though summer fragrances are a staple in the tropics, sometimes it's nice to shake things up and try other perfumes that give a whiff of winter. These cool and rich masculine aromas are just the perfect fragrance to give to the man in your life for the new year. Whether he loves fresh ginger or warm woody scents, these are the five new winter scents that your beau will appreciate.

Dunhill Desire Blue Ocean


If your guy wants scents that are as icy as the snowy weather, he might like the Dunhill Desire Blue Ocean. The contrast of tonic citrus and peppermint gives the concoction a biting scent. This aquatic-woody perfume is encased in a quirky bottle that's fashioned to the likeness of a hip flask. Overall, it's a playful fragrance that packs a punch.

L'Eau Super Majeure d'Issey Eau de Toilette


Does your guy love intense scents? If so, we suggest you check out the latest reincarnation of L'Eau Majeure d'Issey, the L'Eau Super Majeure d'Issey. Perfumers Aurélien Guichard and Fabrice Pellegrin took the original formula and amplified its assertive, masculine notes to reveal their full force. Powered by the essence of ambery woods and black salt, this perfume will undoubtedly make a mark on anyone. 

Guess 1981 Indigo


You think fruity fragrances have no place during the winter season? Guess 1981 Indigo will prove you wrong. Although it opens on a light, fruity note of bergamot, after a while it settles on a warm, woody aroma of cedarwood and oakmoss that's reminiscent of cosy indoor scenery during the winter season.

212 VIP MEN Eau de Toilette

212 VIP MEN Eau de Toilette 100ml & Shower Gel 100ml Gift Set Holiday Set, SGD138/~USD101.04

Created for men who rule the nightlife scene, the 212 VIP MEN by Carolina Herrera is an energetic cocktail of zesty aroma and sensual notes. At the heart of this fragrance are chilled vodka, hot ginger and a splash of apple. It's the perfect head-turning pick for the guy who loves the spotlight. While it's still available, you may want to get the holiday gift set that includes a shower gel version of the fragrance.

BYREDO Unnamed Limited Re-edition Fragrance


Inspire your beau to be creative with BYREDO's Unnamed Limited Re-edition Fragrance. Originally conceptualised back in 2016, the Unnamed Fragrance is having a comeback this month. The latest Unnamed instalment will feature a cool scent that has a heart of spicy pink pepper and icy gin with splashes of woody, balsam scents and a hint of turpentine. The aroma evokes wide-open American spaces, evergreens in winter and the sensuality of woods.