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When we scroll through our Instagram feeds, we can't help but marvel at the eye-catching travel photos of our favourite bloggers. One of those that keep us inspired to jet-set in style is German blogger Leonie Hanne, who has been globe-trotting — and always dressed chicly at that — for years now and covering her stylish escapades on her blog How does she do it? Read our interview with her below to get her top travel tips and learn how she plans to stay in style with the help of PANDORA's High Summer collection.

What three things do you always need to bring when you travel?

Mobile phone, my pillow (travel buddy for more than 20 years!) and one cool pair of sunglasses

What's your best packing tip? 

Think in colours and pack pieces you can easily mix and match so that you stay flexible!

What's your most favourite summer travel destination?

Amalfi, Italy

What are your tips for taking great travel photos?

See everything through your own eyes. Capture what inspires you and when you have an amazing moment. Don’t hunt down places you feel like are a must [because you saw it on] Pinterest. This is also the best way to truly experience a place. The same place might look so different depending on the time of the day or the number of tourists so I would always recommend to be open and curious.

What's the best travel tip you've learned? 

Be flexible. Every place has its own rules and you can never plan one hundred per cent.

Describe your personal style. 

Feminine, trendy and playful.

We notice that you're a fan of layering jewellery. Any tips on acing the style, especially with the PANDORA High Summer Collection?

I love that you can mix, match and layer the pieces which helps to express your mood. On some days I love to only wear gold and silver, on other days I love to bring in colours and more charms.

What are your favourite pieces from the PANDORA High Summer Collection and why?

The PANDORA Dream Catcher Tassel. Normally PANDORA rings are always my favourites, but for this collection, I love the leather chokers and all festival charms — big wheel, feathers, and again, the tassels.

What do you like best about the PANDORA High Summer Collection?

I love that the collection shows a very different side of PANDORA. It’s still high quality and amazing craftsmanship but it’s also very playful, trendy and festival-ready.