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I have high expectations for the ReFa Clear cleansing device (SGD360/~USD275) as it is produced by the same manufacturer of my ReFa Active massage rollers. I have been using the rollers for more than three years now to keep my chin from going south. Despite storing it in a plastic tub in my hot and humid bathroom, the titanium-coated rollers and stainless steel handles are still in pristine condition, so my expectations for the cleansing device is pretty high.

Packaging, size and colour

Streamlined and with a slim handle, it is aesthetically pleasing and fits well in the hand. The brush head is pristine white, soft and fluffy like a bunny’s tail. At first glance, the brush resembles a dense sponge, only upon closer look does it reveal that it is made of ultra-fine soft bristles packed densely together.

There is only one button on the ReFa Clear acting as a toggle to move between the three cleansing modes, which are soft, clean and deep. The device automatically stops after one minute to prevent over-cleansing except for the deep cycle, which lasts 30 seconds and recommended for deeper cleansing in areas with more clogged pores, usually in the T-zone.

Usage and claims

This cleansing device is designed for the gentle face washing, using 3D sonic motion and ion technology to dislodge dirt and grime embedded deep in the pores. No pressure should be applied and the brush head should just glide over the skin cushioned by a creamy foam produced by a facial wash. During my trial, I used it in conjunction with the ReFa Cream Wash (SGD70/~USD53.50) which, when lathered, prevents the direct contact of the brush with skin.

The brush head is about half the size of my other cleansing brush and the bristles are definitely softer and finer. Personally, I prefer the smaller brush head of ReFa Clear, which reaches the smaller areas on my nose and chin that get clogged, while I have hardly any comedones on the rest of my face. That sounds smug, does it? But after battling acne and pimples for so many years through my teens and twenties, I need to shout this out now, haha.

ReFa Clear is slim and sexy-looking with curves at the right places. After every use, just wash the brush head and handle with anti-bacterial hand soap, dry with a towel, then pop it back to the charging stand to dry in a well-ventilated place. I normally remove the plug and wire from the charging stand and store it in a drawer as the device doesn’t need frequent charging.


I tested the ReFa Clear for one week, using it twice a day — first in the morning and then at night. A caveat here: my usual daily cleansing routine is pretty effective with a once a week exfoliating mask to get rid of impurities embedded in pores and a facial once a month to squeeze out a few clogged pores on my nose and chin. During the week of the trial, I forgo the exfoliating mask before a facial. During the facial, I noticed that there were hardly any comedones to extract. My beautician remarked that there are noticeably less clogged pores on my chin. She called the tiny clogged pores ‘powder residue’, which is basically what they are — tiny makeup particles trapped by excess sebum. With so little extractions, I just relaxed and enjoyed the to-die-for face and upper shoulder massage. 

The ReFa Clear and the ReFa Medical Cream Wash

So in a nutshell, yes it works. Advocators of the 10-step Korean beauty routine know that a clean face is essential for better absorption of the layers of serums and moisturisers applied on the face and this device helps you ace that first step in the routine.