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It's natural that every February, all the spotlight is on Valentine's Day. But there's another unofficial holiday this month that we shouldn't forget and that's Galentine's Day. On this special occasion, celebrate your love for the ladies in your life by indulging them with luxury goodies they'll surely cherish. It's true that there's no substitute for the gift of friendship itself, but it doesn't hurt to spoil your best gals from time to time. Not sure what to give your besties? Here are some last-minute fail-proof Galentine's Day gift ideas from Shanghai Tang.

For the bag addict

Shanghai Tang Metallic Python Star Round Clutch with Metal Chain, SGD1205/~USD889.56

You may think that giving another clutch to your bestie who already has an impressive wardrobe of designer bags is redundant but that's not the case at all. Most bag collectors would love to add more unique pieces to their growing collection. She'll surely appreciate this trendy and stylish circular bag with an eye-catching design.

For your long-time friend

Shanghai Tang Gold Bracelet with Shou and Quartz, SGD375/~USD276.83

If you're lucky enough to have that one friend who stuck with you through thick and thin since childhood, remember to never take her for granted and show your appreciation for the friendship you have with her. Upgrade that old handmade friendship bracelet from your school days to this chic gold jewellery with precious gems. It's a symbol of sisterly love that will stay with her forever.

For the dauntless fashionista

Shanghai Tang Chinoiserie Print Wool ShawlSGD850/~USD627.49

We all have that stylish friend that we consult for all things fashion-related. She gives you the best outfit advice and you love her for it. You can't even count how many times she saved you from wearing a bad ensemble. You've already said thank you a thousand times, so this time add a little something to let her know how special she is to you. Give her this ultra fashionable and versatile shawl that she can wear with any of her fabulous looks.

For the bestie who never asks for anything

Shanghai Tang Gold Earrings with Quartz Pendant, SGD340/~USD250.99

Every time you ask her what she wants for her birthday, the standard answer she gives you is that she doesn't want anything. But if you really want to give her a gift, go for something that's universally loved like a pair of elegant drop earrings. We're sure she won't be able to resist this charming piece of jewellery.

For your best guy friend

Shanghai Tang Vertical Wallet, SGD340/~USD250.99

Technically, he's not a gal but since there's no holiday yet dedicated for guy friends we might as well add him on the list. We know how much a challenge it is to shop a gift for your guy friend and you always seem to end up just treating him to his favourite restaurant. For a change, give him something practical like this sleek vertical wallet that can fit well in his pocket or man purse.