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In 2015, Alessandro Michele became the creative director of Gucci and the 96-year-old iconic fashion brand got its cool, modern revamp. Suddenly, we were seeing an assortment of vintage pieces with an eccentric and vibrant touch to it grace the runway. Sleek leather shoes gave way to fur-lined footwear and pussy-bows became the new tie. Alessandro's first collection was the bridge between the classic and the new Gucci.

Fast-forward to today, Gucci has once again solidified its place at the forefront of fashion innovation. Aside from the fashion elites and enthusiasts, Gucci is also frequently seen donned by popular male celebrities lately. One of them is the Korean boyband, BTS, who is known for their eclectic songs and dynamic choreography. 

After showing up at the AMAs in coordinated all-black ensembles, BTS surprised us with these colourful Gucci statement jackets once they hit the stage. V was clad in a black jacket with colourfully patterned embellishment, and Jin wore a blazer that's the epitome of 'beautiful chaos' with its random patches. 

Meanwhile, Rap Monster, Jungkook and Jimin sported fashion-forward bomber jackets. Rap Monster was in a whimsically printed kind, Jungkook in a floral one and Jimin in an eye-catching glitter design. In contrast to the artsy vibe of the other members, J-Hope opted for a simple but equally stylish double-denim look. We're seriously stealing this style the first chance we get!

Speaking of boy bands, Harry Styles of One Direction fame, is doing his solo act this year. And with it comes a noticeable change in fashion choices. In his world tour, he's seen in a very flamboyant ensemble with Gucci floral-printed suits and classy loafers. As you can see, Alessandro's vision of the new Gucci is very evident in Harry's current fashion. It's vintage reimagined for the modern man.

While Harry's style is certainly scene-stealing, it can still be considered subtle when compared to Jared Leto's Gucci picks. We see him clad in a mixture of unpredictable pieces in flashy colours. These days, where the minimalist aesthetic is ubiquitous, Jared's loud aesthetic is ironically a breath of fresh air. 

Although the more eccentric designs get more attention, a perfectly fitted classic Gucci suit will still always catch our eye. Tom Hiddleston's two-button suit look at the Thor: Ragnarok LA premiere definitely did. 

Needless to say, Gucci's incredible transformation has captured the hearts and infiltrated the wardrobes of many. With this, we ask, what's next for Gucci? Only time will tell, but as far as we can see, it's headed in the right direction. 

(Cover photo from: @gucci)

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