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Gifting season is on the horizon! As early as now, start scouting for the best gifts to give your best gals. While there's no substitute for the gift of friendship itself, giving thoughtful presents is also a great way to demonstrate your love and appreciation. Not sure how to begin your holiday shopping? Worry not because we've got your back. From fashion-forward pieces to limited edition beauty products, here are some stylish and useful gift options you should consider gifting to your BFFs.

For the travel bug: Stylish outerwear

MARYLING Creamy Beige Short Jacket with Cuff Detailing, SGD2,700/~USD1,962.99

For your favourite best gal who loves to travel, a reliable and stylish outerwear is a good choice for a gift. Pick one with a versatile design; something that can work in different kinds of weather and will go well with any outfit. Trust us when we say that there's a good chance it's gonna be her favourite fashion piece of all time.

For the social butterfly: Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge holiday set

Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge holiday set, SGD2,700/~USD1,962.99

We all have that friend who's always out and about at events and other social happenings. If there's anyone who will appreciate receiving luxury beauty products with stylish packaging, it's gonna be her. Her wardrobe may be full of amazing dresses but she may be running low on quality beauty goodies because she often uses them. Be her hero and give her a much-needed product refill.

For the busy bee: Minimalist jewellery

Pandora Winter 2018 collection, Contemporary Pearl Necklace, SGD349/~USD253.74; String of Beads Sliding Bracelet, SGD99/~USD71.98; String of Beads Ring, SGD89/~USD64.71; Contemporary Pearl Ring, SGD149/~USD108.33, Contemporary Pearl Ring, SGD99/~USD71.98

It's so sweet that no matter how packed your best friend's schedule is, she still manages to make time for you. Show how much you treasure your friendship by giving her minimalist jewellery. These no-fuss pieces will instantly lend elegance to her everyday work outfits. 

For the fitness aficionado: Chic workout clothes

Iris & Ink activewear collection, Prices starts at GBP40/~USD51.95

There's no one else who can motivate you to work out better than your fitness aficionado friend — she's your ultimate #fitspiration. With that said, a foolproof gift for her is a new set of chic workout clothes. Choose pieces that are made of quick-drying and breathable fabric and comes in hues that she'll love. Remember to consider both comfort and style!

For the creative soul: Maison Christian Dior Rose Kabuki

Maison Christian Dior Rose Kabuki, Price unavailable

You've always been fascinated by her ingenuity. Whether it's in fine arts or literature, she seems to nail every artistic venture. A unique perfume inspired by creativity and passion is just the perfect gift for her. Not many know this, but scents have been found to ignite imagination and help creators get out of the rut. Pick an intriguing blend for a memorable fragrance that will boost her creativity.