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Living in the tropics means having to enjoy summer almost all-year-round. Temperatures may have dropped for the last few months but now it's starting to pick up again. It's a signal for us to start preparing our wardrobe for brighter days ahead. Before everything else, start with the most essential summer accessory — sunglasses. Not only does a pair of sunglasses protect your peepers from the harsh sunlight but it can also elevate your outfit like no other. Refresh your style and update your sunnies collection with the latest trends. From retro silhouettes to bold prints, here are the most interesting sunglasses designs this season.

Glam '60s cat eye

Retro 60s Cat Eye Prada Sunglasses   Prada eyewear collection, Price unavailable

Popularised by Audrey Hepburn, the cat eye sunglasses became the actress' signature eyewear after being famously photographed in 1951 at Sussex Beach donning the unique design. Decades later, the retro silhouette is making a comeback once again. This time, it's embellished in animal prints with leopard being the most popular choice.

Classic aviator

Pink Aviator Gentle Monster Sunglasses

Gentle Monster Boogie, SGD396/~USD293.05

Another classic design that's being revived by style enthusiasts is the aviator. Practical and stylish, it's a great choice for everyday wear. For a more modern look, choose one with sleek metal temples and lens with playful tints. You can match this versatile pair with fun, summer outfits like floral sundresses or bright tank tops.

The shield

Marc Jacobs Shield Sunglasses

Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2019 eyewear collection, Price unavailable

With its big and bold design, shield sunglasses are anything but subtle. They're made for the most dauntless fashionistas who want to make a statement. Last year, rounder designs reigned but in 2019 the sharper ones are taking the lead. If you want to take a leap and try this sporty look, we suggest you pair it with your favourite athleisure ensemble or with an elegant monochrome jumpsuit.

Dainty details

Miu miu eyewear collection, Price unavailable

If you love the look of minimalist jewellery, we bet you'll also fancy the added dainty details on sunglasses. Spruced up pieces are on their way to becoming big so it's the best time to snag one while stocks are still available. There are so many styles to choose from but our favourites would have to be the bedazzled top bar and the eyelet temples. 

Rose hues

Linda Farrow Spring/Summer 2019 collection at On Pedder, SGD1,853/~USD1,371.27

Rose hues have been away from the spotlight for some time but it's now slowly making its way back. Styling pieces in rose gold and pinks is never a challenge because the warm tones are adaptable to any palette but they're best paired with warm nudes, greys or the lighter shades of blue.