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For some, the satisfaction of a purchase lies in the fact that the item was made with utmost care and of a reputable source. For others, the satisfaction comes from the idea that the item was personalised to their standards and preference. Well, those who want to get both no longer have to choose. Some luxury brands have stepped up to give the combined experience. Here are just some of the ways you can get a taste of personalised luxury.

Your Prada

There’s something about owning a pair of Prada shoes, but there’s nothing quite like owning one that’s uniquely yours. Prada now offers custom shoes, and there are roughly 8,000 ways to do it. The catch is the service is only available at the Prada store at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York.

Prada also offered something that’s close to home. During a pop-up that ran until 12 October at TANGS, Prada offered guests the opportunity to customise their bags with leather patches.

TOD’s Gommino

Now, this is a shoe customisation service you can get anywhere — well, anywhere there’s a TOD’s boutique and at tods.com. You can customise your own Gommino, which is TOD’s most iconic style. Personalise your pair by choosing the type and colour of the leather as well as the accessories that will be included.

Coach Create

Taking personalisation to the next level and continuing Coach’s desire to enliven and strengthen their craftsmanship, the New York brand will start offering Coach Create. Through the service, clients can customise their Coach bags through an embellished bag strap, a monogrammed tag and other embellishments. The Accessorize It and Personalise It services will start rolling out this month in Singapore.

Gucci DIY

Powered by the idea of giving clients the power to design, Gucci started offering the Gucci DIY service. Shirts and knitwear can be personalised with embroidery of intricate designs, including those of a daggered heart, a bee or a kingsnake. Jackets and sneakers, meanwhile, can be given applique initials and colourfully printed silks as linings.

Burberry Scarf Bar

Due to the popularity of initialled Burberry scarves and ponchos worn by celebrities a couple of years ago, Burberry decided to offer the service of monogramming initials to their iconic scarves. The service can be availed of online or in their stores.

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