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Lipstick plays a massive role in makeup. Besides tying in a look together, it's also a versatile beauty product that can serve as eyeshadow and blush on some occasions. This is why having the perfect shade to serve as your go-to is important. But how exactly do you find your match amidst tons of finishes, formulas and colour selections out there?

We've got just the thing! What better way to find your perfect lipstick than to match it with your personality? See how we played matchmaker below with a selection of shades that are perfectly wearable!

For the girl-next-door: versatile pink


Fun, approachable and friendly. You're someone who is always out and about, doing tons of activities and hanging out with a diverse group of people. That's why a versatile pink colour, just like this Dior Addict Lip Tattoo in Watermelon suits you perfectly. It jives well with any mood, location or occasion, just like you.

For the spunky adventurer: soft rose

USD40 (

Always packing your bags and heading somewhere to explore? Chantecaille Lip Chic Lipstick in Hyacinth serves as a great on-the-go product as it gives a nice flush of colour that can double as a soft blush. It's also not too bright nor too muted, making it just right for your active personality. It's a great MLBB for most skin tones as well.

For the lovely lolita: fresh and flushed coral


If you're someone who loves to mix feminine looks with experimental trends you see on the internet or the runway, this Guerlain KissKiss Sexy Coral lipstick is the one for you. It's youthful, bright and definitely adventurous, but nothing too flashy to the point that you can't pair it with anything else.  

For the ultimate girl boss: elegant purple-red

USD28 (

Your lipstick colour can definitely switch up your mood and style in a single swipe. That's why if you're always trying to exude your A-game, this Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Miranda May is your perfect secret weapon. Its purple-red shade is not too bold for the office, making it just the perfect pop of colour for an empowering look as you take on a busy day ahead. 

For the bold and brave: dark satin red

USD114 (

This Christian Louboutin Silky Satin Lip Colour in Very Prive can serve as a great match for those who prefer an edgy but still wearable touch to their makeup look. What we love about this lipstick pick is its hint of purple, which also adds a bit more dimension to the colour.