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The start of every new year is something great to clink your glasses to. The prep portion before the big night is the best time to unwind and indulge in a relaxing afternoon before the festivities. Here are some items we think might make your transition into the new year that much better. 

Scented candle 


Scented candles have been such a trend lately and it really does set the mood when you’re looking to relax. A good scent like Tom Dixon’s Eclectic Royalty scented candle can calm the mind and spark the imagination for great things to come.

Body scrub


This spa-quality treatment for your body promises an all overindulgence that you can enjoy in the comforts of your own home. Made with completely biodegradable ingredients, such as pink Himalayan and Hawaiian sea salts, cranberry fibres, and apricot seed powder, this product will resurface the skin and hydrate it for the softest touch.

Face roller


Made from ancient rose quartz, this Angela Caglia face roller is sure to make any woman feel like a queen. Roll your way to a shapelier visage and boost circulation for that fresh glow. Use it with your favourite oils, creams, moisturisers and serums for optimal results.



We heard that this Magic Cream from Charlotte Tilbury can instantly rehydrate dull, stressed and even hungover complexions so we had to share this with you. Five minutes is all you need to boost circulation, collagen production and reduce puffiness before your big night out.

Satin robe 


Honestly, we can’t think of anything more luxurious than slipping on a soft satin robe after stepping out of the bath, having exfoliated all your troubles away. This La Perla stretch-silk satin robe will make you feel like an overly pampered movie star.