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If skincare is considered a valuable investment when it comes to the beauty department, jewellery comes in as its counterpart in fashion. It requires compatibility, delicacy and even a huge chunk of decision-making when it comes to choosing the right one. Which makes it a personal and even intimate endeavour as compared to purchasing other accessories. They're not just present for the literal glitz and glam of a look, but they are a representation of an elevated and more intricate style.

If you're looking for the first piece you'd like to invest in or you're searching for an addition to your growing collection, we've curated some gorgeous finds to match your personality.

If you're someone who is quirky and laidback

APM MONACO Love 80s Collection AE10763OXY 'Space Invaders' Earring Set, Price unavailable

We all have this image of jewellery being intimidating and oh-so-glamorous, but you're the type who says it ain't so. You believe that jewellery should be treated as something that's fun and exciting and you opt for pieces that immediately capture your interest at first glance. That's why this '80s-inspired piece is perfect for your style. From the asymmetric design to the elements of the nostalgic arcade game Space Invaders, it's got the punch and uniqueness you always look for in all your wardrobe pieces. 

If you're a known social butterfly

BERING Classic 40mm Unisex Watch With Changeable Straps, SGD289

Time is of the essence, as you would say. You're always on the go and doing a lot of activities and meeting many people. So one thing you wouldn't want on your plate is having to worry about something too valuable dangling off your ear or neck that might get lost amidst your hustle. If you're considering a piece to invest in, definitely go for a good timepiece. It's always on your arm so you won't lose track of it. It's not as in-your-face as a bejewelled accessory so it's a luxury piece that hides in plain sight, and it will always have you prompt and ready for whatever your plans have ahead. 

If you're all about practicality

CALVIN KLEIN 2018 Novelties Collection Brilliant Stud Earrings in Silver, SGD99

You take your wardrobe seriously and we totally admire you for that. You live and breathe for crisp, elegant and functional pieces, whether it be your clothes, bags, shoes or your choice of jewellery. That's why classic studs elevated with beautiful clear stones are your best match. It's versatile to wear with any outfit and adds an air of elegance to any look, which is just the kind of vibe you always go for. 

If you like things edgy

PANDORA Signature Necklace V2 Pre-Autumn 2018 Collection, SGD179

If something is too preppy or on-trend then chances are you'll deliberately throw it off your radar. It's because you are good at rocking your own style at your own terms and don't really like trends dictating your tastes. So when it comes to investing in a jewellery piece, you love something that's a bit different but still adaptable to any look. It should be able to either hide in plain sight or stand out as a statement piece. Most importantly, you should be able to mix and match it with other accessories whenever you feel like it. And this Y-shaped silver necklace fits the bill. The slim chains complemented by the glittering stones make for a great day-to-night accessory that's eye-catching but never attention-seeking, which we're sure makes it a winner in your book. 

If you live and breathe for a whimsical vibe

CARRIE K. Open Star Ring, SGD398; CARRIE K. Star Ring, SGD279

If there's an open secret about us women, it's the fact that we never really grow out of our dreams of being a royal or being mythical beings who can do and be anything. But while some try to suppress these ideas from our youth as we grow older, you thrive in it. You like items inspired by whimsical things because they let you live out a world beyond our own and keep you positive. So here are jewellery pieces that will truly reflect a magical vibe that mirrors your personality. Reminiscent of a spark, a wand or a glittering star from galaxies far away, don't you think that this stack of Carrie K.'s Star Ring and Open Star Ring is your perfect match?