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We usually think of musky scents as exclusively for men and floral ones for women. Go to any perfume store and it's almost a guarantee that there are for him and her sections featuring different sets of fragrances respectively. But even so, there's really no hard rules when it comes to wearing perfume. In the end, it's all about the personality and mood you want to embody. And dare we say, you can also wear your man's perfume and vice-versa. Keep reading to find out about these shareable perfumes. They might not be explicitly labelled as a unisex type of perfume but they're still versatile enough to be shared with your man. 

Spicy: 34 Boulevard Saint Germain Eau de Parfum

A small bottle of perfume with black cap


Originally created by chemist Roman Kaiser and perfumer Olivier Pescheux, the Trente-Quatre Boulevard Saint Germain is now available in Eau De Parfum form. It has an intense, velvety base of sandalwood of Indian origin but has its own hints of playfulness at the top coming from Pepperwood™ and pink peppercorns. At its heart, you'll find Madagascar vanilla and tonka bean that adds almond and spicy notes to the concoction. 

Oriental: Acqua di Parma Colonia Sandalo Eau de Cologne Concentrée

A black bottle of perfume

SG315/~USD228.24 (100ml)

The luxurious Acqua Di Parma Colonia perfume is reinterpreted as an Eau de Cologne Concentrée. It retains the fresh aroma of Colonia but is updated with rich, creamy sandalwood. The merging of these contrasting scents produces a surprising and intriguing fragrance that mixes sophistication with a light, youthful aura.

Clean: BYREDO Eleventh Hour Eau De Parfum

A bottle of perfume with a black cap

SGD310/~USD224.62 (100ml)

The Eleventh Hour by BYREDO is an exploration around the smell of things ending. It's coming from the idea that the once hostile places will become the last refuges on Earth. The perfume opens with peppery and citrus accents of ban timmur. Then dives into a sweet and captivating scent of Wild Fig. Then closes with the warmth of tonka beans and cashmere woods.

Woody: Serge Lutens Féminité du bois

A bottle of perfume with a black cap

SGD185/~USD134.05 (50ml)

Dubbed as the scent that "expresses the masculine side of femininity and vice-versa", Serge Lutens' Féminité du bois is the luxury brand's first unisex perfume. Its key ingredients are cedar, floral notes and plum. The result is a woody fragrance that delights the senses.

Clean & Floral: Maison Christian Dior DIORAMOUR

A bottle of lavender-coloured perfume

SGD315/~USD228.24 (125ml)

Francois Demarchy, Dior's perfume creator describes this fragrance as "a sensual memory, a lingering emotion." The strong yet welcoming notes of iris and jasmine leave their mark on anyone who sniffs this fragrance. Although it's mainly a floral perfume, the overall scent is light and refreshing, making it a wearable fragrance for anyone who fancies clean and zesty perfumes.