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Singapore is known to tourists for theme parks and gardens. But to truly appreciate what this tiny but mighty city-state has to offer, it’s best to enjoy the way Singaporeans do. If you’re heading to Singapore for a weekend, here are things you must-try and must-do.

Get a great brunch

Singaporeans love brunches. And for good reason, because it’s the perfect way to kickstart your day or turn it around if you didn’t quite wake up on the right side of the bed. There are so many brunch spots to try in the Little Red Dot, but the one to put on top of your list is Summerlong. Indulge in their food inspired by the Eastern Mediterranean — Tuscan Black Kale Salad, Charred Octopus, Whole Roasted Sea Bass and many more. Of course, brunch wouldn’t be complete without cocktails. Escape the bustle of the city with refreshing drinks like the Summerlong Spritz or their Apple Tree.

A bowl of a mashed hummus-like dish, and a bowl of greens

Some of the food selections at Summerlong

Shop till you drop

There’s no denying that Singaporeans have a knack for shopping. Which also makes sense when you consider the fact that many brands release their products earlier in Singapore than in other Asian countries. So you don’t only get the latest, you get it first. If you’re in for some shopping, visit their staples ION Orchard and VivoCity for a mix of high-end and high street. If you're looking for more indie brands, go to Haji Lane and Arab Street. Don't forget to pay a visit to Dover Street Market for coveted designer pieces as well.

Go bar hopping

After a long day at work, Singaporeans love to unwind and take a breather by meeting up with friends for some drinks. But, no, just one bar won’t cut it. While you’re in the Lion City, make sure to experience their nightlife. Go from one bar to another, but make sure you make a stop at Jigger & Pony. This award-winning cocktail bar serves up one-of-a-kind drinks that will leave you asking for more. They're taking a break while moving from their location in Avoy to their new place in Amara. Pencil in a visit to their new home in September! 

A clear white cocktail and a caramel-coloured cocktail with foam

Cocktails from Jigger & Pony

Go where the people are

Unlike the cat who faced an untimely demise, curiosity leads Singaporeans to many great things. They love to queue or join the crowd for good food and great experiences. When you see people lining up at a store in a hawker centre, you’ll be sure their food is great! This also applies to the hottest festivals in Asia, which are usually held in Singapore like Ultra Music Festival and Laneway.

Stay in

While it may seem like an uninviting way to spend the day when you’re in a different country, we’d say it’s actually a nice way to cap off your trip. Since Singaporeans love going on staycations, the places that offer this luxury to them do their jobs seriously. Andaz Hotel and Capella Singapore are just a couple of the places you need to put on your list. So you’re going to be in for a relaxing experience like no other.