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When we talk about classic footwear choices, it's usually all about nude or black pumps, tennis shoes, and the like. But with everything innovating at every corner of the fashion industry, at a very fast pace, the definition of 'classic' takes a new and exciting turn. 

There is no more wall between minimalism and maximalism, monochrome and multi-colour, laid-back and futuristic — elements in this new day and age in the industry opened new doors for exciting fashion pieces that can be out-of-the-box yet chic. And with our footwear being the piece that takes us to many places and adventures, it's always a treat to see what our favourite brands are putting on the table. 

So ready your carts and shopping cards, as we list down the 'new classics' when it comes to shoes. 

Jimmy Choo x Off-White Anne 100 Satin Pumps


Jimmy Choo took a left swerve with the collaboration with Virgil Abloh's cult fashion label. Delivering a collection that is both traditional and innovative, the shoes are perfect for women who want to spice up their wardrobe with an interesting fashion piece. This particular design combines the concept of 'glass slippers' with classic black pumps, the touch of floral prints and high heels taking inspiration from Jimmy Choo's aesthetic while giving a contemporary boldness, which is signature for Off-White.

TOD's Quilted Loafers


Comfort is always a key element when looking for a classic shoe — but definitely so is style. And this TOD's pick has obviously covered both. Adding a glamorous but not too flashy take on moccasins with its elegantly smooth finish and quilted effect, this deserves a spot on our must-get list!

Bally Vita Parcour in Peach Pink


Originally issued in 1974, these kicks give a nostalgic feel but adds a new appeal in this peach pink calf suede. Upgraded with a modern trainer sole to solidify comfort, style, and functionality in this piece, the combination of the old and the new is definitely seamless, ending up with the status of 'chic new staple'. And as you can see above, it comes in white (and black), too!

Repetto Sur Pointes in Red


There's an old fashion saying that if you want to slay it, wear red killer high heels. But if you're feeling dainty, does it mean you should skip this bold choice? We say get the best of both worlds — fierce and sophisticated — with this beautiful Repetto pair. At first glance, the sleek design and the fiery colour is all about boldness and power, but if you look closely, the heels themselves are nicely sculpted to recreate the sur pointe feet position of ballerinas, which represents the other side of us women that are graceful and poised. We are obsessed!

Rejina Pyo Margot Leather Slingback Pumps


Love slingback heels? This one takes your favourite to a whole new level. The combination of smooth white leather and the stone-shaped painted wooden heel gives this a sharp and refined but nonetheless interesting aesthetic that's perfect to mix up with either an equally straightforward and crisp outfit or a playful ensemble without looking out of place.